Outsourced Legal Cashier Service for Solicitors

Outsource your accounts, save money and reduce your monthly costs

Legal Accounts is a legal cashier service which allows solicitor practices to outsource their accounts, saving them money and time.  High street solicitor practices commonly employ accounting staff or spend valuable time completing their own accounts.  Dialling in remotely to your accounts package or by using your web based accounting software packages, Legal Accounts will input your data into the software allowing you to maximise the time you can charge to clients or remove the need to employ additional staff.  We offer a number of services from the daily posting of data to the system to complex management reports and you can tailor the service we provide to the needs of your business.

We can save you money by reducing your monthly accounts based costs, through salary savings/NI savings/IT savings without any sacrifice on the quality of service.  Our aim is to provide you with a service catered to your business needs with strong emphasis on the word, service.

With our teams extensive legal accounts knowledge, we understand the importance of complying with Solicitors Accounts Rules.



How can we save you money?

Using Legal Accounts for your business accounting eliminates the need to employ full or part time accounts staff making savings on salary, NI and pensions contributions.

For an hourly or monthly fee you can have your accounts completed for you by experienced legal accounts staff.


We use your existing software

Legal Accounts has experience on a number of software packages. Just grant us a licence to your software and we use your existing software via a secure internet connection.  Legal Accounts are confident they will require no training to be able to use the software due to their extensive skills regarding legal accounting software.

We have knowledge on many software providers which include, Select Legal, IRIS, Insight Legal, Cognito, Elite, Perfect Books, TikitTFB, Meridian, Edgebyte, Bullseye, Alpha Law, Strong Box, DPS and Osprey.



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